Baking: Broccoli Pizza


When the newest recipe for Avid Baker’s Challenge came out, I was like broccoli pizza? That’s not what belongs on pizza…then I remembered this clip. It’s actually not untrue. I’m a SF girl now (for about 6 years) so I know there are places with broccoli on pizza. To be honest, it’s really not all that bad – it’s a great way to eat vegetables in a more pleasant manner than just steamed. Continue reading “Baking: Broccoli Pizza”


Cooking: Baked Chicken Alfredo with Broccoli

chicken alfredo

Since I’ve freed up at work for the most part until January, I’ve decided to start to see if I can get into a good habit of making food on Sundays so that I will have dinners or lunches for the rest of the week.  For the longest time I’ve been eating out, so trying to make food in and eat healthier – also because it’s a little cheaper.  Being able to make food at home is great as well.  I finally decided on a dish on Saturday evening, bought the groceries, and made it Sunday afternoon.

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