Baking: Mini Espresso Chiffon Cupcakes with Fudge Frosting


Okay, the real recipe is an espresso chiffon cake with fudge frosting, but I needed a way to bring it to work for promotion day and I decided I would make mini cupcakes (with some regular cupcakes in the mix).  Continue reading “Baking: Mini Espresso Chiffon Cupcakes with Fudge Frosting”


Baking: Mini Margarita Cupcakes


Whether it’s Cinco de Mayo or just a regular day, margaritas are my normal go-to drink. I enjoy a great citrus drink – especially one with tequila in it (my favorite of the hard alcohols). When it comes to celebrating, I like to make delicious cupcakes that also look great. This was definitely one of those occasions. Continue reading “Baking: Mini Margarita Cupcakes”

Baking: Fresh Cherry Cupcakes

This recipe was one of the more popular cupcakes from the old blog so I decided to try it again with a slight twist like the other ones I’ve been revamping for this blog (see these other cupcakes). The people I’m close with now are much different than the ones I previously was before so I figure making these cupcakes again, especially if  I make them with a twist, aren’t recognizable to people now.  Continue reading “Baking: Fresh Cherry Cupcakes”

Baking: Orange Dream Mini Cupcakes

Orange marmalade was a present in a little goodie bag from my friend Brandon when he went to Europe. When his birthday came around, I thought what better plan than to make cupcakes using the same orange marmalade he gave me? Since I was going to fill the cupcakes with the orange marmalade, I needed to make sure to decorate it in a special way for him – why not chocolate? Chocolate goes with everything (or just about!).  Continue reading “Baking: Orange Dream Mini Cupcakes”

Baking: Angel Food Cupcakes

 I definitely intended on making these for a party a few weeks ago, but somehow my egg white just wouldn’t whip! Then again, I was making both these and some cinnamon rolls so I was so focused on the rolls that it was slightly difficult to make the angel food cupcakes.

I went with these when my roommates were gone so that I could stay up and watch Criminal Minds (currently my guilty late night tv pleasure) and make these cupcakes. I definitely wanted to make most of the recipes on this Food and Wine list – but I didn’t want to buy an angel cake pan. I doubt I’d have another use for it so decided to go with cupcakes. Continue reading “Baking: Angel Food Cupcakes”