Cooking: Chicken Tikka Masala


There are some great recipes in the Alton Brown book and since I’m still trying to get through them all, I’d figure we would make the tikka masala. We do love our Indian food whenever we go out and eat, and figured we’d just try and make it ourselves at home.

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Cooking: Scrambled Eggs v.3

8b73fdb5-5e28-4cab-b077-b89835c8e506.pngAlong with our cold brew, we decided to make the scrambled eggs. I’ve always told the boy whenever he made them were over cooked, and I’d try and make these for him and hopefully it would have been better. The ingredients were easy and the instructions were even more simple. Continue reading “Cooking: Scrambled Eggs v.3”

Cooking: Mushroom Stroganoff


Mushrooms are not something I love. Actually, if I had to choose 2 vegetables I would avoid, it would be eggplant… and then mushrooms. However, I’m coming around to mushrooms. They are definitely filling and a great way to get nutrition as well. I honestly didn’t grow up with stroganoff for dinner when I was young, but this book has been able to take me out of my comfort zone and make some delicious items. This mushroom stroganoff was really good (fed my boyfriend and I for both dinner and lunch the next day), but something that’s just not super comforting to me.

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Cooking: Liege Waffles

Living out of two different apartments can be difficult. With my boyfriend living in Berkeley and myself living in SF, we try and spend equal amounts of time in each other’s places. I’m sure both our roommates appreciate that, but it makes our planning at times complicated. I had plans in SF on Friday night and Sunday morning and him on Saturday afternoon.

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