Baking: Orange Brownies


Now I know oranges don’t sound like a good pairing with brownies – or at least not a typical sense. However, there’s a great pairing of orange and chocolate in a chocolate bar so I decided to try some orange brownies.  Continue reading “Baking: Orange Brownies”


Baking: Orange Dream Mini Cupcakes

Orange marmalade was a present in a little goodie bag from my friend Brandon when he went to Europe. When his birthday came around, I thought what better plan than to make cupcakes using the same orange marmalade he gave me? Since I was going to fill the cupcakes with the orange marmalade, I needed to make sure to decorate it in a special way for him – why not chocolate? Chocolate goes with everything (or just about!).  Continue reading “Baking: Orange Dream Mini Cupcakes”